The Rhode Island Mediators Association provides that Mediators shall obtain 10 continuing education credits annually in courses or programs that meet the Rhode Island Mediators Association continuing education requirements.

While you are entirely responsible to comply with this requirement, you may find it helpful to complete the Mediator Continuing Education Form describing your continuing education activities over the past year.  In completing this Mediator Continuing Education Form, please especially note the following standards:

  • Continuing education credit training must include the following:

5 credit hours general mediation skills training that must:

Develop mediation skills, which may include additional training in any of the eight core curriculum component areas listed below or in mediation skills generally.

      • Information Gathering Skills and Knowledge
      • Relationship Skills and Knowledge
      • Communication Skills and Knowledge
      • Problem-solving Skills and Knowledge
      • Ethical Decision-Making and Values Skills and Knowledge
      • Interaction and Conflict Management Skills and Knowledge
      • Professional Skills and Knowledge
      • A Substantive Knowledge Base (such as Conflict Resolution theory, Family Systems and Development, Domestic Violence Issues, Legal Context, etc.)

5 Credit hours in one or more Specialty Areas that the mediator practices in or chooses to become more proficient in including, but not limited to: 

      • Divorce Mediation
      • Elder Mediation
      • Environmental Mediation
      • Business Mediation
      • Pre-Nuptial Mediation
      • Post-Nuptial Mediation
      • Landlord/Tenant Mediation
      • Family Mediation
      • Labor, Employment & Workplace Mediation
      • Discrimination & Human Rights Mediation
      • Education Related Mediation


4.0 CEU’s must be obtained through RIMA trainings and sponsored activities each year. 

      • Each training credit hour must represent at least 50 minutes of active training participation. 
      • Peer consultation may count toward up to 2 hours of general continuing education credit each year.  Peer consultation is defined as the review and critique of actual cases with fellow mediators, while preserving the confidentiality of the participants in the mediation process.
      • The presenting of a mediation process training, workshop or seminar, or presenting a training, workshop or seminar that is in an area of mediation practice, counts toward either general or specialty area continuing education requirements based upon the topic and the actual hours of presentation.  Repeated presentation of the same training, workshop or seminar does not count toward continuing education credit.
      • Mentoring or assisting a new mediator or a mediator who is looking to advance to the Advanced Mediator Level may count toward 1 hour of general continuing education credit every year. 
      • Serving on a committee of the Rhode Island Mediators Association may count toward 1 hour of general continuing education credit every year.
      • 1.0 RIMA CEU’s for attendance at each of the May event and September event.


The Rhode Island Mediators Association is committed to assisting Advanced Mediators to achieve the above Continuing Education Credit Hours, and to that end will hold trainings and roundtable discussions each year that will qualify for Continuing Education credits. 


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